Recommendations from my Heart


randelle lusk

Recently, one of my students asked me 'how long does it take, to figure it out? When do you stop digging? When does it stop being so hard?" As she choked on tears, I felt a shudder in my own chest. I know this struggle all too well. It's the struggle and the exhaustion that keeps me here. There's work yet to be done.

alison estill

I will enable you to recognize that the uncomfortable position you find yourself in, is really your growth edge. It is the exciting and creative opportunity to up level your personal growth and see massive, exponential, personal and financial leaps forward, while leaving all of your limiting beliefs left behind.

bridgette Shaw

We are all unique in our bodies and our breath and it is so with our practice as well. Our breath is our greatest teacher, if we listen to it and are mindful of it, our whole world can change. When the mind is quiet we can tap into the universal consciousness, see our truth, and find peace. This practice allows us to tap into our unbound potential to live a life of grace.


Pranic Forest is small batch artisan apothecary company focused on chemical free, non toxic beauty, herbal medicine and energy wellness. our products are crafted in small batches, herbalist curated ingredients, incorporating the highest vibrations, earthly treasures of impeccable quality.

And Amanda is the BEST pranic healer.

the fire within acupuncture and wellness

Remember in TCM (Traditional Chinese medicine) there is no separation between mind, body and Spirit. Whatever treats the body, helps the mind and whatever heals the Spirit will also restore balance to the physical being.

Dr. Tanya Hartz