Private yoga lessons aren't just for the experienced yogi. They're also for the newbie, the beginner. Wherever you are in your practice, there are ways I can help you reach your goals and (re)define your practice. I can help experienced yogis fine-tune their moves and provide feedback on your poses. If you're a yoga newbie, I can help you with basic and personal instruction to get you going. I am by nature a smiley person and I believe yoga is for everybody.

I am only here to help you, guide you, and support you - never to judge you. 

I am also a trained Yoga Nidra and meditation teacher. Discover your true spiritual nature through the practice of Yoga Nidra - a profoundly transformational meditation that brings deep relaxation and healing to all levels of your being. Learn to manage your emotions. Experience exquisite peace even in the midst of life’s greatest challenges. Deepen your spiritual connection and access the intuitive wisdom and innate joy of inner being. I can work with you to create a personalized guided meditation journey. Whether you want to sleep better, embrace new healthy habits, or find purpose in your life, Yoga Nidra is the perfect way to go deeper.

I work with my private clients on designing a class that's suited uniquely for them. Whether you have a physical goal you want to reach, a peak pose you want to work up to, or just want to learn the basics, I am here to help. Want to know what the heck 'walk your dog' means? Want to stand on your head? I can help you out. My classes typically include a warm up with breathing exercises to get you grounded, standing poses to challenge you and build strength, stretching to cool down, and end with a guided  full body relaxation. You may also want to incorporate Yoga Nidra into your practice, or try it on its own.

I teach one-on-one or to small groups and will meet you in your home, or personal space. All you need is space to roll out your mat!

I am also available for corporate lessons or for larger groups. Please email me your ideas and we can work together to make them reality.

Discounts are available for individual and for groups or multiple bookings. I'd love to talk to you more about yoga. Please contact me for more info.