book club

Book Club

Have you ever read a book you really enjoyed that was thought provoking and amazing and you wanted to tell everyone about it but didn't really have anyone that you thought would get it?  I've felt that way about books almost my whole life. For a while, my 75 year old aunt and I were reading the same series of books and we chatted about them regularly - but then we both finished all the books. I experienced withdrawals. I had finished a bunch of books I was crazy about, had no ideas for what to read next and I knew my aunt and I wouldn't be on the same page about anything else.

During my yoga teacher training we were talking about books all the time. The books we had to read for our course, other books we had read that were similar, books we were reading on the side, books we remembered that had inspired us. Anytime anyone mentioned something they had read, my eyes got wider and I needed to know the title and author and a brief synopsis so I could determine if this was a book I needed to get. Many of them were and I've got my hands on a few of the most highly recommended ones that were mentioned.

Many of my fellow yoginis are as interested in books as I am and we share a common ground. We love yoga and we trained together.

We have formed the Blacksmith Book Club!

Our first book is Shiva Rea's "Tending the Heart Fire: Living in the Pulse of Life." It's easily available from the big book sellers.

I'll be updating with reviews of our meetings and the books we read.

Any suggestions for what we should read next?

Happy page turning!