For the Love of Yoga

I've faithfully spent my summer weekends teaching yoga. What a change has happened!

In all honesty, at the beginning of this class session I was fearful before every class. I doubted myself, my words, my abilities, my lesson plans. I was scared no one would show up and even more scared that someone would show up! What if I missed something? What if they didn't like my class? What if I fell over while demonstrating?!

I was just filled with fear. But I knew that if I didn't jump into teaching right away that the fear would consume me and all I needed to do was actually face it. Each week I arrived at the studio I felt more and more confident, and more excited. I left each class feeling enthusiastic and so grateful that my students had shown up and worked hard with me. After each class I feel ecstatic and full of joy and I can't wait to teach again. 

When I began my teacher training I couldn't tell whether I wanted to teach or not. I wasn't sure if I'd be any good. Wasn't sure I had anything to offer. As my experience slowly grows, I feel like I am blooming as a teacher. I'm excited to see my students each week and am looking for more opportunities to spread my joy and teach more yoga.

My future plans for teaching include Yoga Nidra and Prenatal Yoga. Yoga Nidra is very interesting. It's a passive meditation practice allowing for deep rest and visualization. I'm excited to learn more about it so I can share it with my students. Prenatal training doesn't start until spring 2016 but it will be a great asset for the mama's to be in our community. 

So keep your eyes on the horizon and keep moving forward!